Things are getting real

Welcome!! So glad you’re here to take a look around. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that I would be writing on my blog, promoting two books and working on another. It is such a tremendous feeling that I can hardly put it to words…

My goal when I write is to keep my stories ‘real life.’ I want my characters to be portrayed as real and believable people – your best friend, the guy across the street, a friend of a friend. You get it, right? Call me simple but those are the books that I like to read. Don’t get me wrong –  I still enjoy reading about the MC biker dude or the rock star that falls for the naive girl, but most of the time I like to read about stories that take you to a place of authenticity. Who knows – maybe one day I’ll go there but for now that’s where my heart is. I could probably write about anything as long as it is cloaked in romance. *sigh*

So take a seat, grab a book (hopefully it’s mine) and escape to a place where you get to imagine what each character looks like, sounds like. Our imaginations prove to be one of our best gifts – use it daily. I know I do.

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