New Year – New Book

Hoping that everyone rang in the New Year in a huge, safe way. Mine was spent having dinner with old friends, picking up where we left off. It’s nice how you can do that with certain people.

Finding Karma goes live in ten short days – never thought this moment would come. But it’s almost here and I hope it’s that book that you were needing – you know, the one that is fun but romantic, taking you into someone else’s world for a few days while the cold settles in around you.

As for my next project, I’ve been working on it for a few months now and hope to have it wrapped up soon. It’s called Libra Rising, proving to be a little different from the second chance romance I’ve been writing. I’ve been especially excited about this story and, even though I love all of my stories, this one has really wedged its way in deep, and I’m totally in love with the characters as you might expect.

So I hope this fresh year finds new and exciting prospects for everyone – just don’t forget to squeeze in the romance. After all, it’s the one constant in this world you can always rely on – even if it may only be in the form of a great love story. Hopefully you have both.

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