Libra Rising Release

This story marinated in my head for a good year before I even put my first word in a blank document. The characters were so well known to me that they were real – so real that I cried with them more than once.

I’m extremely proud of this book. It took me a while to write but I didn’t want to rush anything about Harper and Reed’s story. If words don’t flow or a scene isn’t panning out, I have a tendency to put down the computer and walk away. Sometimes for two or three months. It’s just my process.

I’m fascinated by the zodiac signs, their meanings, their pairings and so forth. I truly enjoyed researching them to align my characters in the perfect pairing. Furthermore, I discovered just how point on the universe is when I read my own match to my husband’s. I believe a few hairs were raised on the back of my neck. Yes, my husband is a Libra but I’m no Aries. I’m a Taurus through and through. But we work amazingly. Even if you don’t believe in the zodiac world, I thought it was a different way to forecast what was happening in my heroine’s chapters.

Not all romances are sweet and rosy. Harper and Reed both have their own tragic pasts to deal with, just completely different in nature. Harper deals with a positive outlook on life, always looking for that silver lining. However, Reed struggles with his upbringing and has that proverbial chip on his shoulder. He believes he doesn’t deserves anyone as pure and loyal as Harper, even if she believes their pairing is written in the stars.

I hope you enjoy this story of angst, second chances and the two people who never give up on each other – even if it takes them years to come together.



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