Finding Karma

Book Cover: Finding Karma

What happens when the boy you love is bigger than life and you feel a little lost in his shadow? I’ve

never had a problem not being in the limelight. In fact, I prefer it.

But I get lost somewhere in the mix, realizing I'm not the one making the important decisions.

Hitting the road with an unlikely partner, I begin to discover things about myself that make me start to

question my intended path, meeting people who influence me to change my course in life, even if it

means losing part of my future.

Improbable friendships.

Selfish decisions.

Broken hearts.

A love that never fades.

This is what happens when I find me…when I find Karma.


Finding Karma is a second chance romance, so to meet the hands of many readers everywhere. Sign up for Stacy M Wray's newsletter for updates on this new release!

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